Ways that a concierge physical therapy plan in St. Pete can help you treat that sports injury and prevent others like it

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Sports Injuries

After living with a sports injury for long enough, it’s difficult to imagine what it’d be like to stop experiencing its side effects. Whether your sports injury causes daily discomfort or it simply flares up when you’re back on the court (or the course), there’s no denying that it can be disruptive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. If left untreated, it can even be dangerous. Even if you’ve lived with that old sports injury for a while, it’s never too late to start treating it – and, in doing so, to make some significant strides toward improving your mobility and activity levels. Whether you’ve hesitated to try physical therapy because you thought it wouldn’t fit into your schedule or you didn’t see the point, it’s an extremely effective way to strengthen your muscles and do things you may not have done in years. To find out how physical therapy is an extremely effective way to treat that sports injury, just keep on reading.

Specifically Target Your Body’s Weak Points

When you sustain a sports injury that still causes you some discomfort, your body automatically makes small adjustments – both when you’re active and in day-to-day life – so as not to flare up the pain. When that happens, the muscle or joint affected by the injury becomes increasingly weakened over time. As a result, the longer you go with an untreated injury, the difficult it can seem to bounce back. Physical therapy combats this by specifically targeting the weakened areas of your body with exercises specially designed to strengthen them. As these parts of your body become stronger, your injury becomes less disruptive and uncomfortable.

Manage and Decrease Pain

When you strengthen an injured joint or muscle, you avoid the flare-ups of pain that you’ve had to work around for as long as you’ve had your injury. This doesn’t just mean less daily discomfort and improved mobility; it means that you don’t have to rely on pain medications. It also means that you’re exponentially less likely to need extreme things like surgery and opioid pain medications in the long run. Physical therapy gets to the root cause of your discomfort so that you don’t have to rely on patches like pain medication, now or later.

Move More Effectively in Any Scenario

Picture this: you get a deep scratch right on your thumb. While the laceration is fresh, you’ll probably go out of your way to avoid making your thumb come into contact with other surfaces. If you slip up, you feel a sharp pain; eventually, you get used to making sure your thumb is out of the way. You get used to working around it, even if that means that you type much slower, have a much harder time holding scissors or a spoon, or have to grab items with your non-dominant hand. This is the same thing that happens when a sports injury goes untreated: whether you realize it or not, your movements become affected by the injury. Your posture can suffer, and you can place disproportionate pressure on other muscles as you try to avoid relying on your injured one. Physical therapy intentionally reworks this process, gradually allowing you to rely more and more on your injured body part as it becomes stronger so that you can get back to moving your body the way it’s supposed to move.

Regain Functionality

One of the least-known benefits of physical therapy is that it doesn’t just prevent your injury from progressing further; it can be extremely effective at helping you regain functionality altogether. As your mobility, posture, and strength improve, so does your body’s capacity to perform at levels closer to what it could do pre-injury. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s a very plausible – and life-changing – result of dedicated physical therapy.

When you consistently work with a physical therapist to treat that sports injury, you will see some extraordinary results. Effective physical therapy doesn’t have to disrupt your schedule or disorganize your life. We’re proud to offer a flexible concierge model that’s tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. To learn more about it and to tell us a bit about your unique needs, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation.

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