5 Reasons Why Strength Training is Necessary for Swimmers

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5 Reasons Why Strength Training is Necessary for Swimmers

April 7, 2023

With a water sport like swimming, sometimes strength training can get overlooked. Here are five reasons why swimmers should make strength training a part of their training regimen, especially in younger athletes.

1. Improved Swimming Performance

Strength training can improve a swimmer’s power and speed, as well as their stroke technique, which can lead to faster times in the pool.

2. Injury Prevention

Strength training can help prevent common swimming-related injuries and pain such as in the shoulder, neck, or lower back.

3. Increased Muscle Mass

Swimmers often have a lean build, and strength training can help increase muscle mass, which can improve strength and power in the water.

4. Improved Core Strength

Swimmers need to be able to maintain their stroke technique and power for extended periods. Strength training specific for swimmers can improve their overall muscular endurance.

5. Improved Muscular Endurance

A strong core is essential for swimmers to maintain proper form and technique. Training your core in a variety of different planes is important as well to mimic the demands and requirements of the sport. This means you must do more than just crunches.
While strength training is an important component of a swimmer’s training regimen, it must also be specific to the individual and their goals. If you are a swimmer and would like to take your performance to the next level and prevent injury, our team of experienced physical therapists is here to help. Contact us now to get started on your journey to better health and pain-free living.