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I was very fortunate to use Purpose Physical Therapy to rehabilitate my foot and ankle. They exercised a lot of kindness in understanding the type of injury I sustained and put together a smart action plan. Over the course of a year I saw Sarah once a week or every other week for two stints. A year later, I am very happy to share that my mobility and strength has greatly increased! Simple movements no longer give me pain and there is a marked improvement in matching my non-injured foot. I loved the manual manipulation, the strengthening exercises and the BFR targeting. Sarah is extremely thorough and always asking for input. I feel confident as I continue this healing journey that I now have the tools to get to and maintain 100%.

Laura Landry

I found Purpose after a recommendation by my chiropractor after I mentioned I was having some pelvic floor issues. They were quickly able to get me in and I had a great initial appointment with Sarah. I’ve been working with Sarah for the last month and a half and have had a great experience. I’ve also been working with her on some orthopedic issues and I have been so impressed with cast her knowledge of different exercises and strengthening tools as well as the different modalities they use for treatment. Communication at this practice is very efficient and I truly feel like they take the patient relationship very seriously. I cannot recommend them more!


Alyssa Anthony

Worked with Ken for 4 months on lower back issues. He takes a personalized approach and is a great listener and crafts his approach specific to each client. He records you doing exercises and puts them in an app so you know exactly what to do at home. I was very pleased with my time here and would recommend

Jeremy Tellor

Love Love Love Dr Sarah. She has repaired old injuries and even my latest self-inflicted exercise injuries. Both my husband and I have recovered quickly with the help of Purpose Physical Therapy. Hope to not see you soon but if I need you I know where to find you. xo Gen 

Genevieve Schroeder

5 stars aren’t enough! Dr Sarah is outstanding! At 55 I started my journey in running and only to have to stop because my knees and hips became very painful. She helped me with stretches then exercises to strengthen the muscles to prevent the pain and allow me to run. I recently finished a 10k run and I owe it all to Dr. Sarah. She also was very patient with my millions of questions 

Lightline Productions

I’m a physical medicine and rehabilitation medical doctor and I send people to PT all day long. Doctors know not all PT is created equal. I was very fortunate to find Dr. Ken and Dr. Sarah. It’s been steady progress for my herniated disc. And leg weakness. they use advanced regenerative therapies and are as evidenced based as it gets. Their pricing is very transparent. It’s easy to get a benefits check. Worth the time and money.

Zayn Hassan