Our Process

Our PROCESS is your roadmap to success

Physical therapy and performance optimization is not a linear process. There are key milestones to be considered along the way. Some clinics may skip steps or stop treatment too early, which can lead to a cycle of feeling better only to get injured again. Our goal is not just to relieve your symptoms, but to make you more efficient and resilient so that you can approach any task, activity, or competition with confidence.

Phase 1:

Pain & Inflammation alleviation

Feel Good, Move Well

Our ultimate desire is to achieve lasting and sustainable improvement in how we feel. To accomplish this, it is crucial to understand how we can address the underlying protective mechanisms of our bodies and make them resilient. One of the primary roles of the brain is to ensure our survival by averting further damage or injury when it senses a threat. Through a combination of hands-on techniques such as manual therapy, dry needling, manipulations, soft tissue mobilizations/massage, and targeted exercises aimed at pain reduction, we aim to communicate to your brain and nervous system that everything is “okay,” thereby helping to alleviate pain and inflammation. The objective of this phase is to effectively manage various factors to eliminate any sense of threat, allowing you to sustain pain reduction without relying on medications, surgeries, or injections that do not address the underlying protective mechanisms of your body.

Phase 2:

Priming & Retraining

Move Efficiently

Once your body perceives reduced threat, it becomes essential to establish improved patterns and habits that are both efficient and less taxing for your body. As humans, we possess the capability to move with remarkable effectiveness, but often lack efficiency, resulting in wasted energy and potential future issues. During this phase, our focus is on cultivating consistent and efficient movement, enabling you to execute actions without needing to consciously deliberate each step. Many individuals we encounter have received instructions on how to move, yet find themselves constantly struggling to mentally navigate better movement. Instead of attempting to forcefully impose changes to movement patterns, we facilitate movement retraining through gradual and consistent steps, allowing you to naturally enhance your movement capabilities.

Phase 3:


Becoming Resilient

During the initial stages (steps one and two), our primary focus is on managing variables to alleviate symptoms and reintroduce healthy habits. In this subsequent phase, our attention shifts towards consistently and progressively increasing various factors to enhance Strength, Power, Mobility, Endurance, and Balance/Control. Strength pertains to the body’s capacity to generate force, while Power involves the ability to generate force rapidly and exhibit explosiveness. Mobility encompasses the capability to attain necessary positions for specific activities, while Endurance relates to sustaining an activity over extended durations. Balance and Control encompass the ability to stabilize and regulate movements efficiently. By addressing each of these components and tailoring our approach to the particular activity you aim to excel in, we help cultivate resilience and optimize performance at your fullest potential.

Phase 4:


Be ready for whatever life throws at you

The purpose of undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation is not solely to experience immediate relief within the clinic setting, but rather to enable you to live a life free from restrictions and limitations. One of the primary obstacles individuals encounter is the lack of complete confidence in their movement capabilities. There is often a lingering hesitancy and guardedness when approaching new tasks and activities, instead of reaching a point where they possess unwavering confidence in their body’s ability to handle and perform in any given situation. Our ultimate goal is not limited to pain reduction alone; we strive for you to approach every task and challenge with confidence, ensuring that you are fully capable and empowered to overcome them.