Jeana Clark

Jeana Clark

Co-Owner, Marketing & Client Relations

Jeana Clark is not only the administrative assistant and client relations specialist at Purpose Physical Therapy, but also a co-founder of the practice alongside her husband, Ken Clark. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in Emerging Media from the University of Central Florida, her extensive background as a Senior Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer powerfully complements her role. Jeana’s passion for mental health and exceptional organizational skills are instrumental in managing the administrative facets of the business, ensuring a seamless operation that aligns with their clients’ needs.

Core Values

Integrity: Being empathetic, understanding, patient, making others feel heard, seen, and striving to be a good-lister.

If you keep going, you keep growing.

Jeana’s passion extends into creating a calming and safe space at Purpose Physical Therapy where the focus is on the holistic well-being of each patient. She is deeply committed to empathetically understanding each patient’s mental health journey, integrating this understanding with their physical treatment plans. Jeana loves working in an environment where she can connect one-on-one with patients, getting to know them personally and witnessing their transformation. This personal interaction and the visible progress of her clients provide her with immense satisfaction, reinforcing her commitment to changing lives step by step within this nurturing setting.

What does Jeana enjoy watching, reading or listening to?

I’m a Disney kid at heart, anything Disney!

Jeana and Ken enjoy living in sunny St. Pete with their new pup, Cannoli, and can often be found playing tennis, reading, painting or enjoying the outdoors. Together, they are committed to providing their community with the highest level of patient-centered care and making a positive impact on the lives of their patients.